Winter weather is here and with those cold temperatures comes snow, ice, and uncomfortable drives unless you have the right accessories installed on your VW. At Volkswagen of Huntington, we’ve got a host of VW winter accessories to ensure your winter drives from Commack to Woodbury always go off without a hitch.

Winter Tires

Winter tires aren’t just a marketing tactic. These tires use special rubber compounds and tread patterns to provide impressive grip on both snow and icy roads. Shortening stopping distances, improving cornering capability, and easing acceleration in slippery conditions are a specialty of winter tires, and our VW dealership near East Northport has a variety of snow tires in stock. Get the added confidence you need for winter driving with a set of quality snow tires for your VW today. Plus, you can have your winter tires mounted on a second set of wheels for easy seasonal changeovers when the warm weather returns, so you can keep your winter tires for multiple seasons.

Remote Start

There is nothing worse on a cold morning than getting into a car with cold leather seats that’s going to take the majority of your drive through Northport to warm up. With a remote car starter installed on your Volkswagen, you can enjoy warm seats and a comfortable cabin from the moment you get behind the wheel. VW models have special ignition systems that not just any installer can work with, so let our team of trained experts install your VW remote car starter so you can enjoy warm drives all winter. Plus, you can use remote start to cool the cabin with air conditioning during the summer months!

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Get your VW winter accessories in Huntington and enjoy safe and comfortable winter drives throughout Long Island for years to come.

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