Schedule Your Service Appointment in Huntington

Scheduling service has never been an easier process thanks to Volkswagen of Huntington near Melville. We have provided you with an opportunity to schedule and manage your service completely online. We emphasize the importance of routine maintenance. It makes a big difference in the quality of your vehicle, how efficient it is, and how long it will stay running. Schedule service for your Volkswagen or used car with our VW service center to get it repaired or regular maintenance to keep it running like new. Explore our service specials and coupons too!

Some of the service items that we can provide Commack drivers include:

Oil Changes near East Northport

Changing the oil in your engine along with the oil filter will help your vehicle remain efficient. This process is also designed to protect your engine and vehicle by removing the harmful particulates that can accumulate in your oil over time.

Tire Service near Woodbury

Your tires are your first line of defense when you're dealing with slick roads or other dangers. If your tread is wearing down, you must talk to one of our technicians about replacing your tires with a new set. Our Volkswagen service center can check your tire tread for you if you're not sure of their current condition, and we'll check to make sure that your current set is wearing down at the same rate. If they're not, you might have a bigger problem going on that we need to look into.

Routine Vehicles Inspections near Northport

An annual inspection is designed to spot any potential problems that might be going on with your vehicle. A lot of times, we can make a small repair that will prevent something much more involved and expensive from going on.


If something is going on with your vehicle that you're not sure about, have it checked out by our staff. We can quickly diagnose an issue, like oil changesbrake repairs or car battery replacements, and make sure that it's taken care of promptly.

If you would like to request a Volkswagen service appointment, utilize our online service scheduler today! You can also contact us at Volkswagen of Huntington with any questions you may have regarding regular maintenance and repairs for your specific car and browse our service coupons.