New Volkswagen Jetta in Huntington Station, NY

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New Volkswagen Jetta for Sale in Huntington

The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the models with a decent design in all the details it carries for the new generation. In our Volkswagen dealership near East Northport, this car comes with excellent refinement, added cargo space, and more than found in a typical sedan.

The new Jetta car is much pocket-friendly, and the fuel efficiency gives it an upper hand compared to rivals. With various standard features, this new Volkswagen small sedan comes designed to offer you maximum confidence and comfort in every Melville area you take it. Besides, its turbocharged engine gives it impressive powers, and the transmission works well for most terrains.

In all drives, the VW Jetta takes you to the roads with all the confidence you need, thanks to the car's safety technologies. It also new and updated tech, which brings entertainment and connectivity to the heart of every trip you take. You don't need to search further for a sedan to drive in Commack. The new Jetta car has got your back already.


There is a distinct aura that gets to you anytime you hope into the new Volkswagen machine. In the cabin, plenty of premium materials await your arrival, and the ample seating spaces yearning to take you for the long trip in mind. Notably, the cockpit is one habitable space that gives you an impressive driving attitude. All the car controls are at your reach, and the responsive steering ensures you don't miss your path.

Joy inside comes with various seating configurations, and the cargo storage ensures you bring your luggage with you to Woodbury. Jetta offers refinement and a stable drive for every drive, thanks to the firm seats and car suspensions. Interestingly, you can create any mood you want in the new Volkswagen Jetta. This is with the available cabin ambient lighting that allows you to set any available ten colors.

Ambient lighting creates a relaxed mood to travel in, making the small sedan provide a home-like aura. For outdoor purposes, the VW Jetta gets an expansive panoramic sunroof, which brightens the interior while offering a clear view of the skies. The roof also creates an airy cabin and makes it an outdoor hauling machine for your family and friends.

Notably, there are various seating options in the new Volkswagen. For harsh weather travels, Jetta gives you a choice of taking in heated and ventilated chairs for the front, which complement the available temperature control system.


When it comes to engine powers, Volkswagen Jetta doesn't disappoint. Balance and smooth handling are all you get from the turbocharged powertrain, and you can get up to 147 horsepower production. Interestingly, the new Jetta offers room for a manual transmission pairing on the base trim, making it a powerful choice for standard Northport drivers.

Besides, Jetta comes with various systems to complement the car engine powers. Together with performance tech features, Jetta delivers the best experiences. Rugged terrains are the reason for enhancements, making the Volkswagen Jetta come prepared for every move. Talk about the selectable driving modes, excellent wheel designs, and the Cross Differential System XDS on the R-Line model. VW Jetta is all about you.


Jetta comes armed and ready for any uncertainty that may come your way. Notably, VW employs the best of the latest tech systems to take you through, making peace of mind your lifestyle wherever you go. In addition to the car's rigid body, VW goes ahead to instill a safety cage and stability systems, making sure shocks during collisions do not reach you. It also includes collision brakes, a crash response system, pressure monitors, and high auto beams.

At our Volkswagen dealership, you also get to access various VW specials for any model you purchase. These come in the form of warranties, financing options, leasing deals, and service parts. Visit your local Volkswagen of Huntington for more information on the new Jetta and available new Volkswagen specials.